In this section you will find resources produced by Contemporary Christianity and its predecessors, the Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland and ECONI.

Many of the older resources are offered for free download. 

Forgiveness Papers

Drawing on a broad range of contributors, from a range of backgrounds, the papers aim to explore the meaning of forgiveness in the Bible and in different Christian traditions, and the implications for our society.

 A set of occasional papers produced by the Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland (1998 – 2002) 

Bible Studies & Devotional Material

Material for individuals and groups.


A series of booklets to identify issues raised by the situation in Northern Ireland and to bring these to the Bible, looking for guidance (1997 – 2003)


2 DVDs produced by us about 1912 and 1916

Soundings Series

A series of books written by some of our members.

In Conversation With...

“In Conversation With …” events are evenings where a topic is introduced by a speaker with expertise in the area.

Catherwood Lectures

The Catherwood Lecture is held each year, and explores an issue relating to Christian worldview or faith in the public square.