For God and His Glory Alone

By Alwyn Thomson

First in the ‘Pathways’ series – a contribution relating some Biblical principles
to the troubled situation in Northern Ireland (1998).

The Fractured Family

By Alwyn Thomson

Second in the ‘Pathways’ series – a look at relationships within Northern Ireland Evangelicalism (1998)

The Fire and the Hammer

By Alwyn Thomson

Third in the ‘Pathways’ series – what does it mean to wrestle with God’s word to us as a community? (1998)

The Politics of Holiness

By Alwyn Thomson

Fourth in the ‘Pathways’ series – the political implications of personal holiness (1997) 

A Future with Hope: Biblical Frameworks

A biblical guide for Christian people as they respond to the end of the ‘Troubles’ and to proposals concerning future government (July 1998)

Beyond Fear, Suspicion and Hostility

By Alwyn Thomson

Relationships between Evangelicals and Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland (1993).

What does the Lord require of us?

Talks given at the launch of the ECONI Action Pack series
(11th of April 1992).

A Time to Heal

By Stanley Hauerwas

Text from a talk given by Professor Stanley Hauerwas at ECONI’s annual conference (1998).


Embodying Forgiveness

By L Gregory Jones

Text from a talk given by Professor Greg Jones at ECONI’s annual conference (2001).

Forgiveness: Making a world of difference

Four reflections on forgiveness presented at ECONI’s annual conference (2002)