How do we reach out in compassion, and avoid a tabloid- type reaction to other faiths, whilst standing up for values that are important in our society (values often derived from a Biblical faith)?

jenny_taylorDr Jenny Taylor is a cultural analyst, journalist, author and founder of Lapido Media, a consultancy specialising in religious literacy in world affairs. Jenny has reported from areas of conflict and poverty all over Asia and Africa, deciding to specialize in Islam and secularization. She speaks and writes on the connection between faith and culture, on which she has addressed parliamentary, Commonwealth and media gatherings. From 1988 to 1994 she was the editor of GO, the magazine for Interserve. She co- authored the book Faith and Power (1998), along with Professor Lamin Sanneh of Yale, and Lesslie Newbigin. She is a member of the Evangelical Alliance’s Theological Advisory Group.

A local perspective to Jenny’s talk was given by two responders, Dr Gladys Ganiel (Research Fellow in the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation and Social Justice at Queen’s University) and Will Leitch (Journalist and Broadcaster at BBC Northern Ireland). Click here to listen to the responders.

Click here for a transcript of the lecture.