Next week will see the first anniversary of the UK Referendum and our collective national decision to leave the EU. The vote was finely balanced with Leave edging Remain by a margin of just 52 to 48. Brexit remains a source of formidable passion on both sides of its divide and will dominate political life in the UK for many years to come.

One year on from the vote, Contemporary Christianity has commissioned a week of PS blogs to hear how local Christians are reflecting on Brexit in mid-2017.

On Monday we’ll hear from a Remain voter and on Tuesday from a voter who opted for Leave. Wednesday will see a contribution from a Christian in the Republic of Ireland and on Thursday we will be posting thoughts from a European Christian living in our Province. On Friday one of our Board Members will offer closing comments on the one-year anniversary.

The posts you will read next week will articulate a range of views from a mix of voices. We don’t expect every reader to agree with every opinion expressed – our goal as Christians is unity rather than uniformity – and we urge open hearts and minds as through the week we will all read things that challenge our own ways of thinking.

Contemporary Christianity hope and pray these blogs provoke both your minds and your souls, and would love you to support us by spreading these thoughts with shares on social media.

Colin Neill

Colin Neill is a Board Member of Contemporary Christianity and the author of Turas – A Story of Strangers in a Strange Land.