On Sunday a couple of   hundred people walked the hill to Stormont and then spent a short time in prayer.

Alain Emerson from 24/7 Prayer Ireland   and Peter Lynas from  Evangelical Alliance (NI) led the short act of worship with a reading of  PSALM 85  and then we all prayed  together  using these words.  This was followed by spontaneous singing   of … No not by might, nor even power but by your Spirit O Lord…and praying in smaller groups   before the return walk down the hill.

You may find it helpful to make these words your prayer this week as we face such uncertainty.

May God in His mercy hear our prayers.

HEAVENLY FATHER, we pray for our nation at this time of such uncertainty, division, and confusion.

Some of us are for Brexit, some of us are against it, and some of us aren’t sure.  But we look to You to Guide us, reconcile and restore us.

Our political leaders cannot agree and Stormont is no longer sitting. But you have been the hope and

the heart of these islands for a thousand years, and today we return to you again, the King of this

divided kingdom.

Communities are divided, social media is cynical, public discourse is polarised but you are the way,

the truth and the life, the Rock of Ages, a very present help in times of trouble.

We humble ourselves and repent of our pride, our division, our selfishness.  We confess that we

have looked to ourselves and not to You.   We are sorry.  Hear our prayer and heal our land.


Lord, have mercy on us.

God of all wisdom and truth, we ask you to inspire and guide our political leaders at this difficult time.

Raise up brilliant women and men of peace, integrity and startling courage to lead us in these

turbulent times.

God of justice, in this moment of economic and social uncertainty we pray for the most vulnerable in

our midst.  Lord, we ask not for what is best for us, but for what is best for everyone, and especially

the least and the lost.

God of mercy, we are deeply divided. We have been without a local government for too long, we live

on divided islands and in fractious times. Would you rise with healing in your wings, bring balm to

our brokenness and wholeness to our hurts.

Lord of the church, we pray for our spiritual leaders that they would speak truth to power without

compromise.  As our nations shake, awaken your church to proclaim the good news of your gospel

with renewed conviction. Revive us, we pray, and reconcile our relationships that the world may

perceive that you are alive, believe in your name, and receive your love for every person, every

family, and every community in this land.

Lord, hear our prayers.


Thanks to Alain and Peter for making this possible and giving us these helpful prayers

Stephen Adams:   Volunteer Administrator and Board Member of Contemporary Christianity.