Equal to Rule: Leading the Jesus Way.

Why men and women are equal to serve in leadership in the Christian Church

This event took place on Tuesday 25 November, 7:30pm

In May 2014 at the Presbyterian Church’s General Assembly Trevor launched his book Equal to Rule.

Disagreements over women’s ordination or women in church leadership usually bring up two prominent attitudes: on the one hand, a number of people assume that the plain teaching of Scripture prohibits it; on the other hand, for a number of people, it simply feels right and they do not get to grips with biblical teaching. Both parties end up in the same place; reluctant to study the biblical text freshly, objectively, with the willingness to go where it leads. Dr Trevor Morrow has written Equal to Rule in order to show why churches like the Presbyterian Church in Ireland ascribe to full equality for men and women in leadership in the churches on the basis of the teaching of scripture. It is the fruit of years not only of biblical study and preaching, but also of experience in applying the gospel to the lives of women and men in different cultural contexts.

The Very Rev. Dr Trevor W. J. Morrow is the recently retired minister of Lucan Presbyterian Church. In 2000, he became the youngest ever Moderator of the Presbyterian General Assembly. He is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and studied Theology at the University of Edinburgh. Carys, his wife, is Welsh. His son, Peter, who is married to an American, is Canadian. His daughter, Ceri, is a Dubliner with an Enniskillen husband.