Untold Story – the Church in the Middle East

Tuesday 23 September, 7:30pm

Many of us are overcome by recent reports from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon Gaza and other Middle Eastern countries.

As we look on at the sectarian divides and conflicts that are now being exposed in the Arab world; the open hostility in Syria and Iraq; the way that the region’s national borders drawn up a century or so ago are dissolving – what is happening to the Church in the Middle East?  What is the real story of what is happening.

  • What can we do?
  • How do should we pray?
  • Are we now  reaping what we sowed in the past ?
  • As Christians in “the West”, what can we learn from our brothers and sisters in extremis?
  • Are there examples from the Christians which demonstrate love peace and reconciliation to those outside it, when living under such pressures?

David Middleton worked in Istanbul for 9 years where he established the Christian television ministry that is now SAT-7 TURK. He continues to work as a Director for the channel, based in Belfast and travels regularly to Turkey and the Middle East.