Seminar and workshop with Vinoth Ramachanda and Steve Stockman

Vinoth Ramachanda

The technological revolution of the past 20 years is still gaining pace – influencing how we buy goods and services, read newspapers, watch TV, listen to music, bank, use transportation and get new “Friends”! Technology and artificial intelligence initiatives (AI) will be even more ambitious in the next 20 years with driverless cars, robots, more workerless factories, drone deliveries and research in biotechnology for the treatment, managing and prevention of diseases.

On a May Saturday morning in Fitzroy Presbyterian Church leading international Christian leader and thinker Vinoth Ramachandra shared his reflections on the significant challenges, threats and opportunities we face in relation to our social lives, how we shop, and even how employment patterns will be affected by technological advances.

You can listen to Vinoth’s talk here. 


Rev. Steve Stockman from Fitzroy Presbyterian spoke from a pastoral perspective on how social media has enhanced his ministry. He shared about how he has even considered appointing a social media pastor to capitalise on the opportunities presented by facebook and twitter. Steve talked about how he communicates with people differs depending on which social media platform he uses.

The morning concluded with a Q+A and discussion facilitated by board member Cathy Bollaert about how people of faith move forward holding the tension of constructive engagement with advancing technology alongside the timeless message of the Gospel.