A Contemporary Covenant Service – Powerpoint Presentation


A PowerPoint presentation to accompany the Contemporary Covenant Service.

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On 29 September 1912 the majority of the adult Protestant population of Ulster signed a document known as the Solemn League and Covenant. Many churches were involved in services associated to the signing of the Covenant.

One hundred years on we offer an order of service which we hope will be of use for churches, groups or individuals who wish to recognise this historic event in an appropriate way.

The service is in the form of a written liturgy. We hope that those who do not normally use a written liturgy might use elements of it, as appropriate in their worship. Alternatively, the liturgy may provide ideas and inspiration which can be included in other ways in other styles of worship service.

We pray that it will prove a helpful resource, however it is used, in encouraging local churches and individuals to Covenant as citizens of the Kingdom of God.