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Lion&Lamb 42

Editorial: Nurturing spirituality
Anna Rankin

From the[acting] director: New Shoes
Lynda Gould

Wholeness, Holiness & Wholegrain Spirituality
David Campton

Comment: Racehorses and Turtles
Stephen Cave

A Spirituality of Communion: The Benedictine Monks, Rostrevor
Dom Mark-Ephrem M Nolan, OSB

Interview with John Dickinson & Paul Symonds: The Shape of Spirituality
Derek Poole

Prayer 24-7
Gillian Best

In quest of living theology: A conversation piece on theological education and Christian formation
Ian Dickson

A Spirituality of Welcome
Katherine Poulton

Bible Study: Christian Spirituality
Bishop Donal McKeown

Review: How (Not) to Speak of God
Gladys Ganiel

Review: Spirituality and Transformation
Glenn Jordan

Difficult Conversations
Christian Spirituality

Lynda Gould

New Resource
The Theological Grounds for Advocating Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the Socio-political Realm

Lion&Lamb 41

Editorial: Trust enough?
Anna Rankin

From the director: Icons of Culture and Political Identity: A Decade of Opportunity
David W Porter

Comment: Shaking hands with soldiers

At the end of the day: Trust
Alan McBride

Remember 1916
Philip Orr

Shattered pieces - a journey in recovering trust
Derek Poole

Interview with Rev John Dunlop & Danny Morrison: Truth & Trust
David Porter

Faith matters
Allen Sleith

lyo nta kindi dufite uretse UKWIZERA
Fidele Mutwarasibo

A Reader's Response to Lion&Lamb #40
Gerry Rankin

Bible Study: Trust
Bishop Donal McKeown

Review: Religion, Identity and Politics in Northern Ireland: Boundaries of Belonging and Belief
Gladys Ganiel

Review: 1916: Lest We Forget
Lynda Gould

Difficult Conversations
Peace and Reconciliation in a Plural Society

Lynda Gould

New Resource
The Theological Grounds for Advocating Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the Socio-political Realm

Lion&Lamb 40

Editorial: Life begins at forty
Anna Rankin

Comment: Leadership on the move
Stanley McDowell

From the director: The discipleship factor
David W Porter

Four things for leaders to do at the end of the world
Derek Poole

Pastoring people in prophetic living
David Montgomery

Being a servant leader
Diane Clutterbuck

Interview with Maria Garvey: Oil and water
Anna Rankin

Nurturing the next generation
John-Mark Mullan

The Word made flesh - East Belfast
Glenn Jordan

The Word made flesh - North Belfast
Bill Shaw

The Word made flesh - Derry
Sue Divin

The Word made flesh - Enniskillen
David Cupples

The Word made flesh - Poleglass
Martin J Magill

Resisting temptation
Drew Gibson

Review: And now let's move into a time of nonesense
Claire Martin

Review: Christianity for Dummies
Scott Vance

Lion&Lamb 39

Editorial: Doing what it says on the tin
Anna Rankin

Comment: Stat crux dum volvitur orbis
Ben Walker

p.s. Seeing red and feeling blue

The elusiveness of trust on the ethnic frontier
David Stevens

Beliefs, values and spirituality
David Livingstone

Brighde Vallely

Creating Community
Ben Walker

Interview with Jose & Marizete Lara: Laboratory for mission
Anna Rankin

Transforming Culture
Derek Keefe

That's not fair!
Drew Gibson

Review: A Heart to Listen
Lynne Livingstone

Review: How to Detox your Spiritual Life in 40 Days
Claire Martin

Review: Praying in Exile
Karen Campbell

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Issue 38

ISSUE 38 - Spring 2005

Editorial: Spring Fever Anna Rankin

Comment: What is Reconciliation? Michael Whitley

From the Director: Ireland is changing and so are we! David W Porter

The Whole Gospel for the Whole World (and beyond...)Johnston McMaster

Rwanda Ten Years On Earl Storey

Anglo-Irish Relations Russell & Katherine Norton

The Hard Gospel David Chillingworth

Interview with Robin Eames: RECONCILIATION - A View from Armagh Anna Rankin

Interview with Sean Brady: RECONCILIATION - A View from Armagh Anna Rankin

Church-based Peacebuilding Maria Power

Evangelism & Reconciliation - are they irreconcilable? Patrick Mitchel

Dogville and the Drama of Redemption John Kiess

Blessed are the Peacemakers? Drew Gibson

Review: Bitter Fruit David Buckley

Review: The Colour of Darkness Jacqui Livingstone

Review: The Lost Message of Jesus Ben Walker

Review: The Futures of Evangelicalism David J Montgomery

Review: Evangelicals in Ireland: An Introduction Stephen Cave

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Issue 37

ISSUE 37 - Autumn 2004

Editorial: Minority Report Anna Rankin

Comment: Racism in Ulster: Up-front and Ugly Ken Newell

From the Director: Naming Our Sin David W Porter

Faith in Ulster: Facing Up to Diversity Stephen Skuce

Faith and Practice Walter Lewis

Interview with Rose Ozo: Where the Heart Is Anna Rankin

South Belfast: Chinese Church

Craigavon: Religious Liberty in the Shadow of Drumcree

Small Steps
Tim Foley

Dungannon: Migrant Workers

Embracing the Stranger Richard Kerr

Review: On Eagle's Wing Ethel White

Review: Conflict, Controversy and Co-operation John W Morrow

Review: The Subversive Manifesto John Kyle

Review: L is for Lifestyle Claire Martin

Review: It Will Not Be Taken Away From Her Cary Gibson

Review: Prophetic Untimeliness: A Challenge to the Idol of Relevance Paul Rankin

Review: Two Little Boys John Gillespie

Review: Son David Smith

Coming Soon

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Issue 36

ISSUE 36 - Spring/Summer 2004

Editorial: "There's Nothing New About Change" Anna Rankin

Comment: Embracing the Stranger Denise Wright

From the Director: Change and Decay – so what's new? David W Porter

Alwyn Thomson Ethel White

A Changing Church Chris Easton

Women, the Church and Change Lesley Carroll

Interview with Noel Fallows: Multi-cultural Church Life Anna Rankin

Asylum Statistics

Urban Grit Ken Groves

Higher Throne Keith Getty & Kristyn Lennox

2003 Conference: Reconciliation – Illusion or Elusive?

What's Jesus got to do with Forgiveness? Stuart Noble

Review: Lost in Translation Gareth Higgins

Review: The Church Beyond the Congregation by James Thwaites Claire Martin

Review: A Time for Mission by Samuel Escobar Ben Walker

Review: Against the Stream by David W Smith Cheryl Reid

Review: Evangelicalism and National Identity in Ulster, 1921-1998 by Patrick Mitchel David Hewitt

Review: I was a teenage Catholic by Malachi O'Doherty Fran Porter


Staff News

Hot off the press

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Issue 35

ISSUE 35 - Autumn 2003

Editorial: "Know Thyself" Alwyn Thomson

Comment: Illiberal Democracy Alwyn Thomson

From the Director: Good News People? David W Porter

Balancing on the Edge Tony Davidson

Grateful to God David McMillan

Space & Freedom David Hewitt

Imaginative Engagement Keith Getty

No longer at ease with this dispensation? Mike Wardlow

Living with our deepest differences Os Guinness

Deep Questions Johnston McMaster

Steady presence Cecelia Clegg

No longer lonely Joseph Liechty

Something to give Ingri Sakaria

Bible study series: Faith in the future David W Porter

Review: The Elusive Quest, Reconciliation in N I by Norman Porter Bill Brown

Review: Journeying Towards Reconciliation, A Song for Ireland by Ruth Patterson Lynda Gould

Review: Islam in Conflict:Past Present and Future by Peter G Riddell & Peter Cotterell Alwyn Thomson

Review: The R Option - Building Relationships as a Better Way of Life by Michael Schluter & David John Lee Anna Rankin

Review: Blue Diary by Alice Hoffman Glenn Jordan

Summer School Poetry Various

For God and His Glory Alone: Study 6: Truth

For God and His Glory Alone:Study 7: Servanthood

Transformation 2003


Staff News

Hot off the press

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Issue 34

ISSUE 34 - Spring 2003

Editorial Alwyn Thomson

Comment: Politics: serving God and doing good! Ethel White

From the Director: Cultivating the common ground David W Porter

ECONI Statement: Confidence in God October 2002

Postbag: Letters to the Editor

Why vote? Alison Laird

Communities of hope Lord Alderdice

Transformation 2003: Killing for God?

View from the south Patrick Mitchel

Church & state Esmond Birnie MLA

Taking the plunge John Kyle

Faith in politics Interview: Rt Hon Paul Murphy MP

Your kingdom come Heather Morrow

ECONI Statement: Forum for Peace & Reconciliation January 2003

Bible study series: Faith in the future David W Porter

Through a glass, darkly Changing Women, Changing Worlds Conference

Review: A night in November by Marie Jones Noel McCune

Book Reviews Alwyn Thomson

For God and His Glory Alone: Study 3: Reconciliation

For God and His Glory Alone: Study 4: Peace

For God and His Glory Alone: Study 5: Citizenship



Staff News

Hot off the press

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Issue 33

ISSUE 33 - Autumn 2002

Editorial Alwyn Thomson

Comment: Failed Politics? Norman Hamilton

From the Director: Words and Deeds David W Porter

Loyalism and Me Philip Rankin

Real Life David Campton

Policing Matters Sam Pollock

The Crisis Within Eddie Kinner

Loyalism - The Issues Mervyn Gibson

Scapegoating Billy Mitchell

Review...Beyond Retribution Stephen Graham

Down to Basics Malachy O'Doherty

Faith in the Future David W Porter

For God and His Glory Alone: Study 1: Love

For God and His Glory Alone: Study 2: Forgiveness

Summer School


Staff News

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Issue 32

ISSUE 32 - Spring 2002

Introduction:Changing Women, Changing Worlds Derek Poole

Comment Ruth Hutchinson

From the Directors David McMillan

Changing Women, Changing Worlds: The Question of Women Fran Porter

Review...Delightfully Subversive Cheryl Reid

Review...Opportune Linda McClaughlin

Faith and Practice...Christine Bell Ruth Hutchinson

Antjie Krog Peter Stark

Review...Thought Provoking Myrtle Hill

Review...Smashing Clerical Complacency Malachi O'Doherty

Weston Park Amnesty

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Issue 31

ISSUE 31 - Winter 2001

Introduction:Forgiveness Derek Poole

Let the church be church Brian Moore

From the Director - Statement in response to IRA and IICD Announcements David Porter

Decommissioning - How do I feel? David Clements

Embodying Forgiveness Patrick Mitchel

Forgiveness in the New Testament Bill Addley

Better than Bitterness David Clements

Necessary Miracles - Thoughts on Forgiveness and Politics Duncan Morrow

Faith and Practice - Moyna Bill Ruth Hutchinson

Embodying Forgiveness Project Stephen Graham

Tutu Book Review Stephen Graham

Jones Book Review Alice Swann

Transformation 2002

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Issue 30

ISSUE 30 - Autumn 2001

Introduction: Exile & Homecoming Derek Poole

From the Ardoyne Road... Norman Hamilton

From the Director David Porter

Exile and Homecoming David McMillan

Be Careful What You Wish For Gareth Higgins

Bonfire Reflections Alwyn Thomson

Rights, Relationships and Responsibilities Kelvin McCracken

Wilson On Suffering Alan Wilson


Faith and Practice - Debbie Watters Ruth Hutchinson

Forgiveness Janet Morris

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Issue 29

ISSUE 29 - Summer 2001

Introduction: The Bible and Contemporary Society Derek Poole

A Moving Experience Ruth Hutchinson

From the Director David Porter

Letting the Bible Speak Graham Redding

Hagar and the God Who Sees Fran Porter

Faith and Practice...David McClurg Ruth Hutchinson

Wilson on Suffering Alan Wilson

God's Prejudice Reduction Training David Porter

How Will We Vote? Stephen Cave

Book Reviews Alwyn Thomson

And Finally...

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Issue 28

ISSUE 28 - Spring 2001

Introduction: Political Compassion? Derek Poole

Silly Games with Flags Alwyn Thomson

From the Director David Porter

Church and Society Lesley Carroll

Education Mike Wardlow

Social Development Doug Garrett

Environment Tom Clarke

Wilson on Suffering Alan Wilson

Finance and Personnel Stephen Roper

Enterprise, Trade and Investment Lawson McDonald

Faith and Practice - Esmond Birnie Megan Halteman

Higher and Further Education John Gillespie

Health and Social Services Brian Coulter

Agriculture Jack Patterson

Culture, Arts and Leisure David Boyd

The Essential IVP Reference Collection

Embodying Forgiveness ECONI Conference

Not of This World? New Book

Summer School 2001

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Issue 27

ISSUE 27 - Winter 2000/1

Introduction: Not Of This World Derek Poole

Comment: Is You Is or Is You Ain't? Joyce Greenaway

Truth to Live David Hewitt

Evangelicalism at its Best Patrick Mitchel

Not of this World...A Personal Reflection Glenn Jordan

Review 1: An Exercise in Self-Reflection Derek Tidball

How Often Should We Forgive? Alan Wilson

Review 2: An Exercise in Propaganda Wallace Thompson

Review 3: I am not an Evangelical... Malachi O'Doherty

Faith and Practice - Maurice Kinkead Ruth Hutchinson


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Issue 26

ISSUE 26 - Autumn 2000

Introduction: Rights and Worship Derek Poole

Comment: Religious Rights in Vietnam Joanne Miosz

Comment2: Drumcree Mervyn Gibson

From the Director David Porter

Human Rights - A Critical Appropriation Julian Rivers

Human Rights - Why Churches need to be involved Brice Dickson

Parting Thoughts on Life and Leaving Tucker Ball

A Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland David Stevens

Does God always forgive his children? Alan Wilson

Faith and Practice - Ruth Lavery Ruth Hutchinson

The Concept of Rights Joan Lockwood O'Donovan

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Issue 25

ISSUE 25 - Summer 2000

Introduction: The Church and the Kingdom of God Derek Poole

Comment: A Question of Belonging Peter Wilson

From the Director David Porter

Colosse Michael Whitley

Revisiting the Kingdom of God and the Church David McMillan

Faith and Practice - Baroness May Blood Ruth Hutchinson

Ephesus Heather Morrow

Lead us not into temptation Alan Wilson

Galatia Priscilla Reid

CEPU...a personal testimony Ken Irvine

Book Review Ethel White

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Issue 24

ISSUE 24 - Spring 2000

Introduction: Identity Derek Poole

Comment Janet Morris

From the Director David Porter

End Game of the End Times David Porter

We Will Not Have Home Rule Alywn Thomson

The Lost Field Tony Davidson

Divine Assumption Alan Wilson

Walking the Tight Rope William Storrar

Certificate in Biblical Peacebuilding Lynda Gould

Liberal Evangelical Post-Unionism and ECONI Esmond Birnie

O God Our Help in Ages Past Christopher Catherwood

Transformation Lynda Gould

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Issue 23

ISSUE 23 - Winter 1999/2000

Introduction: Stewardship

Comment Dorothy and David McMillan

From the Director David Porter

Good Living in Bad Circumstances Glenn Jordan

Readers Survey Report Ruth Hutchinson

The Local Church and The Local Community Norman Hamilton

Hospitality for Ministers Graham Cheesman

Too Many Partnerships...not enough partners? Maurice Kinkead

Community and Conflict...a Restorative Approach Debbie Watters

Letters page

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Issue 22

ISSUE 22 - Autumn 1999

Introduction: Church and State

Comment Lynda Gould

From the Director David Porter

Christian Citizenship and Northern Ireland Drew Gibson

Church and State in Conflict - Ambrose Alwyn Thomson

Christian Citizenship in the Republic of Ireland Patrick Mitchel

Church and State in Conflict - Hubmaier Alwyn Thomson

Beautiful Ministry Graham Cheesman

The Cost of Citizenship William Storrar (Scotland)

Early Days in the National Assembly for Wales Aled Edwards

Church and State in Conflict - Kasemann Alwyn Thomson

A Light to Enlighten the Nations J A Sider (USA)

Church and State in Conflict - Summary Alwyn Thomson

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Issue 21

ISSUE 21 - Summer 1999

Introduction: Justice Ruth Hutchinson

Comment David McMillan

From the Director David Porter

From Just Us to Justice Duncan Morrow

Right Relationships or Justice Brian Lennon

The Truth, the Whole Truth Alwyn Thomson

Walking for Ministers Graham Cheesman

Dealing with the Pain David Bolton

The Case for Human Rights Martin O’Brien

What’s Wrong with Rights? Alwyn Thomson

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Issue 20

ISSUE 20 - Spring 1999

Introduction: Ministry in a Divided Society Ruth Hutchinson

Comment Adam Turkington

From the Director David Porter

Christian Perspectives on Reconciliation Norman Taggart

Ministry in a divided society: Pastor John Dickinson

Ministry in a divided society: Priest Ken Clarke

Ministry in a divided society: Prophet Derek Poole

Ministry in a divided society: Peacemaker David Porter

The Laughing Minister Graham Cheesman

Forgetting to Remember Peter Stevenson

Review: A New Start Heather Morris

This issue was accidentally printed with Issue 16 on the cover.

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Issue 19

ISSUE 19 - Winter 1998/99

Introduction: Hermeneutics Derek Poole

Comment Alan Wilson

From the Director David Porter

What is Hermeneutics? Brendan W Devitt

The Bible and the Church Alwyn Thomson

Hear the Word of the Lord David Bruce

Patience: An attribute of love Graham Cheesman

The Bible and Christ Alwyn Thomson

Understanding Scripture: Issues of Gender Fran Porter

The Bible and the Christian Life Alwyn Thomson

Take me to the Theatre Steve Stockman

Anabaptist Hermeneutics Walter Klassen

Reading the Bible Then and Now Alwyn Thomson

Cross-Cultural Communication Alan Wilson

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Issue 18

ISSUE 18 - Autumn 1998

Introduction: Peace, Justice & Reconciliation Derek Poole

Comment Lesley Macaulay

From the Director David Porter

Now and Not Yet Stephen Williams

Grace: An Attribute of Reconciliation Graham Cheesman

Reflections on ECONI Ken Wilson & Brian Moore

Stanley Who? Alwyn Thomson

Justice Billy Mitchell

Peace Ethel White

Reconciliation Brian Cruise

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Issue 17

ISSUE 17 - Summer 1998

Introduction: Christian Citizenship Derek Poole

Comment Priscilla Reid

From the Director David Porter

Outside the Camp Donald Watts

Citizenship From 'For God and His Glory Alone'

Love: An attribute of Citizenship Graham Cheesman

Memory and Redemption David J Montgomery

Holy Nation Lois Barrett

Grace Healed Eyes Steve Stockman

Negotiating the Future Deirdre Mullan

Book Reviews Alwyn Thomson and Dorothy McMillan

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Issue 16

ISSUE 16 - Spring 1998

Introduction: Blessed are the Peacemakers Derek Poole

Comment Mark Houston

From the Director David Porter

Peacemaking Arthur Chapman

Gentleness: An attribute of Peace Graham Cheesman

A Long Road to Healing David Porter

All Taigs are Targets Neil Smart

God's Holy Warrior Alwyn Thomson

Book Reviews Alwyn Thomson and David Porter

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Issue 15

ISSUE 15 - Winter 1997/98

Introduction: The Politics of Holiness Derek Poole

Comment David McMillan

From the Director David Porter

Boundary Markers Heather Morris

A Passion for Holiness or Dangerous Purity Bishop Harold Miller

In the Flowing Tide Steve Stockman

Holy Sectarianism Alwyn Thomson

Book Reviews Alwyn Thomson

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Issue 14

ISSUE 14 - Autumn 1997

Introduction: Evangelicalism Derek Poole

Comment: Ourselves Alone Alwyn Thomson

From the Director David Porter

A World of Difference Alwyn Thomson

What is an Evangelical Catholic? Paddy Monaghan

Decommissioning the Heart David Bruce

Evangelical Catholics T. Gordon Hills

Sorting out the Family David Montgomery

Do They Know Us by Our Love? John Ortberg

Loyalist Speak Robert Dunlop

Book Reviews Alwyn Thomson

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Issue 13

ISSUE 13 - Summer 1997

From the Director David Porter

Comment: Jesus is Lord David McMillan

Seek Peace and Pursue It ECONI Steering Group

Blessed are the Arrogant Steve Stockman

What is the Orange Order? Brian Kennaway

Covenanters and the Orange Order Norris Wilson

Book Review Stephen Williams

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ISSUE 12 - Mar/Apr 1997

Introduction: Making the Cross Count David Porter

Comment: We Don't Have to do Anything Denis Bambrick

Affliction David Bolton

When Worlds Collide Alwyn Thomson

The Way of the Cross David Porter

Parades Commission David Porter

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ISSUE 11 - Jan/Feb 1997

Introduction: God's Sovereignty David Porter

Comment: Love Your Neighbour Michael Wardlow

Wish You Were Here David McMillan

Victims of Violence David Bolton

Celebrating the Past Philip Johnston

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ISSUE 10 - Nov/Dec 1996

Introduction: Peace on Earth David Porter

Civil Disobedience Norris Wilson

Sectarianism: Root & Branch James Williamson

For God and Ulster John Dickinson

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ISSUE 9 - September 1996

Introduction: God, Land and Nation Alywn Thomson

Comment: Re-routing and Redemption David McMillan

Protestantism - Negotiating the Future David Porter

A Discerning Hope Derek Poole

The Promised Land? Elizabeth Porter

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ISSUE 8 - July 1996

Introduction: Together Before God

Bad Political Decisions Alywn Thomson

Wrong Political Expectations David Porter


ISSUE 7 - April 1996

Introduction: A Time for Change David Porter

Politics: Blessing and Bane? Norman Porter

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ISSUE 6 - January 1996

Introduction: Christianity, Culture & Identity Alwyn Thomson

Christianity and Identity Joe Liechty

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ISSUE 5 - October 1995

Editorial: Prophetic Speaking & Listening Alwyn Thomson

Comment: Time to Build David Porter

Should Nations Apologise Greg Forster

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ISSUE 4 - August 1995

Introduction: Time for the Hard Work David Porter

Comment: Introducing ECONI Alwyn Thomson

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ISSUE 3 - April 1995

Comment: The Fractured Family Alywn Thomson

Editorial: Prayer for a Change Alywn Thomson

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ISSUE 2 - January 1995

Introduction: Frameworks

Comment: Promoting Supporters David Hewitt

Editorial: A Future with Hope Alwyn Thomson

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ISSUE 1 - October 1994

Introduction: New Beginnings

Comment: The Long Road to Healing David Porter

Editorial: God's Call to Peacemaking Alwyn Thomson

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